Monday, June 11, 2012

Contracts and Contradictions

There is a problem in Sri lankan Cricket.Well which one u might ask cause there are so many?(if u do actually ask.. well done you,because people just doesn't seem to care that SLC is nearly bankrupt)Well the problem im focusing today is central contracts.

The central contracts gives players who are in the top category around 100,000 US$ per annum with stipends.There are 5 other categories lowest which promises 22,000 US$.

Lasith Malinga,the most effective bowler in Sri lanka has is in Category 1, however he does not get paid the whole 100,000US$ due to the fact that he has retired from test cricket and gets only 40,000US$.

However all this money is merely numbers because SLC have not honoured contract payments from last year while owing months of back pay.

While SLC is in this dire predicament,The sports minister gives an interview for Sunday Times which include insights such as

We have taken the cue from Malinga. In future, if sportspersons who are performing at national level fail to sign their central contracts with their specific sports bodies we will slap a two-year ban on them 
uh..won't that make him not perform at the national level ?..anyway go on..
For instance, in the contract it is stipulated that a cricketer must be in the country at least two weeks prior to a tour. But, most of the cricketers who were engaged in the IPL returned to the island only a few days before the Pakistan tour. Yet, the SLC officials have not taken any action against anyone. As I understand, most of them still even have not signed their central contracts. That’s bad.
Firstly,no shit its bad.secondly he sounds like he just learned about this THIS SEASON! remember last year?England?IPL?Sangakkara and Mahela coming late?you had issues but they went away didnt they.And thirdly(and we are serious)welcome to modern cricket scheduling Mr Aluthgamage! If you have problem take it up with the ICC and vote for the IPL "window" have less matches against India to cover up financials problems.

Bans will not act as a deterrent for players.They will simply see it as freeing up of the calendar where they can join any T-20 league around the world and be richer for it.Why would Players trust the board when which is nearly bankrupt?Two year ban would make sure we will never get them back.Compromise and concessions are not only necessary they are vital.

Anyway this problems looks a mini drama already has an scripted ending.I doubt there would be any player banning or fines.Sports Minister thinks he calls the shots on players but he doesn't.The shots are called higher up.The same "higher ups" who left the SLC 70 million US$ in debt and doesn't want us talking about it.